Interactive CD-ROM Full Work List

Dates: 2001-present


The CD-ROMs shown in this online portfolio are just a fraction of my interactive work. I have been the lead designer on over forty interactive presentations for several major companies.
Below is a full list of my work for this category:


Mantra Entertainment
Girls Gone Wild: Spring Break Live


Media Technologies

Promotional CD


MGM Studios
Die Another Day


Escape to Hedonism III
Parental Control Marketing Presentation


Sturgis Live
Sturgis 2004 at Full Throttle


TEAM Services
Promotional Creative Portfolio


Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)
UFC 40: Vendetta
UFC 41: Onslaught
UFC 42: Sudden Impact
UFC 43: Meltdown
UFC 44: Undisputed
UFC 45: Revolution
UFC 46: Supernatural
UFC Interactive Press Kit (3 versions)


Universal Studios
The Mummy Returns
Jurassic Park III
The Fast and the Furious
American Pie 2
Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas


World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)
WWE King of the Ring 2001
WWE King of the Ring 2002
WWE Invasion 2001
WWE SummerSlam 2001
WWE SummerSlam 2002
WWE Unforgiven 2001
WWE Unforgiven 2002
WWE No Mercy 2001
WWE No Mercy 2002
WWE Survivor Series 2001
WWE Survivor Series 2002
WWE Vengeance 2001
WWE Vengeance 2002
WWE Royal Rumble 2002
WWE Royal Rumble 2003
WWE No Way Out 2002
WWE Wrestlemania X8
WWE Backlash 2002
WWE Judgment Day 2002
WWE Armageddon 2002
WWE “Get the F Out” Promotional CD