(this is me)Wait...Who?

Yes, it’s true...I graduated as an illustration major, but have worked as a designer for several years now. I label myself as a “multimedia designer” because I absorb and use all types of art, from illustration and design to photography and video. I pride myself on being able to adapt to all styles and media quickly. Each day I look forward to creative challenges and collaborating with others.


I was born and raised on Long Island. I went to school in Hartford, Connecticut, where I met my wife Jennifer. Upon graduating, we moved back to Long Island to work, purchase a home, and now start a family with our children Lily and Logan. We currently reside in eastern Suffolk county, right at the point where Long Island turns into farm land. It’s a nice balance of city life and country comforts.


Currently I am employed as Senior Web Designer at NBTY, a Long Island-based vitamin manufacturer with several buildings in the area and over 14,000 employees worldwide. My primary focus are NBTY's direct to consumer websites for brands such as Nature's Bounty, Pure Protein, MET-Rx and many more.